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What Causes a Boiler to Leak?

Boilers remain a key component in many homes, using hot water and a system of pipes to safely warm every corner of the house. They’re fairly easy to maintain, though  they still experience difficulties just like any other heating system. What causes a boiler to leak? The sources vary, but the effects can be spotted without too much difficulty.

The most common source of boiler leaks comes at the seals and fittings between pipes, which are often vulnerable to fissures. Corrosion can sometimes take place in the central system, particularly if it hasn’t been serviced or maintained in a while, but often it occurs at points where the seals or connections have had a chance to deteriorate.  Hard water often adds to these tendencies, since the minerals contained within the water will slowly damage your pipes over time.

“Over time” is a key phrase here, because a leak will rarely show up right away. The fissures and corrosion that result in leaks appear slowly over months or even years, and become apparent only after they’ve progressed very far indeed. In many cases, the leak is small enough to escape casual notice, since the hot water simply evaporates rather than creating a puddle. The best way to notice such a leak is to check the boiler’s water pressure. If the pressure has dropped for no apparent reason, you’re probably looking at a leak somewhere in your heating system.

Regardless of whether the signs are subtle or overt, there’s  no question about what to do. Shut off the boiler and contact a Washington DC boiler repair professional immediately. He or she can determine what causes a boiler to leak, then instigate repairs with courtesy and professionalism.  Our technicians can arrive at your home, inspect the heater for problems and discuss your repair options with you before moving to correct the issue. Pick up the phone and give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

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