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Radiant vs. Forced Air Heating: Pros and Cons

While we are not at the point in the year when we’ll need our heating systems regularly just yet, you’ve no doubt begun to notice our cooler nighttime temperatures. You may have turned your heater on to take the chill out of the air already, and it won’t be long before your system is up and running throughout the day. If you need a new heater installed in your home, this is definitely the time to get the process started. 

Choosing a Heating System

Do you know for sure which type of heating system you’d like to be using, though? Both forced air and boiler systems, for instance, have their own pros and cons. Working with the Georgetown heating professionals our team to find the perfect system for your needs and user preferences.

Forced-air heating systems, such as furnaces and heat pumps, use ductwork in order to distribute heated air throughout a house. They can use the same ductwork as your central air conditioning system, and they can also heat homes quickly this type of heat distribution. Hot air does have a tendency to rise to the top of a living space, though, and leaky ductwork is a very common cause of energy waste. Furnaces tend to be more affordable than boiler systems, however.

Using a boiler to heat your home offers a few different types of heat distribution options. Radiators used to be very common, but much less so these days. Baseboards are still frequently used, but hydronic heating systems, which are radiant heating systems using tubing beneath floors to distribute hot water throughout the house, tend to be the preferred method for modern homeowners. There is no risk of energy loss via leaky ductwork, and the radiant heat that warms surfaces and then objects in the living space, including the human body, allows for great comfort. It can take longer to heat a home, however, and these types of systems typically come with a higher initial price tag. But the energy savings over time can help to offset this initial cost.

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