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Washington DC Furnace Repair Question: Why Is My Furnace So Noisy?

If you have a furnace in Washington DC, you’re likely enjoying the comfortable and efficient heat that it delivers to your home. During its normal operation, your furnace will make sounds as it moves the warm air throughout your home. However, if you start to notice new and strange noises coming from your furnace, you should probably call a professional heating contractor. Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating provides fast and reliable furnace repair in Washington DC. We thought it would be beneficial to our customers if we put together some of the most common furnaces noises and what they mean.

Common Furnace Noises You Should Watch For in Washington DC

Here are some of the most common furnaces noises in Washington DC that indicate there is a problem with your furnace.

  • Rattling – This is one of the most important noises to watch out for because it can indicate that your heat exchanger is cracked. The heat exchanger in your furnace does two things: first, it heats up the air that gets pushed into your home. Second, it exhausts the dangerous combustion gases produced by burning fuel. If there is a crack in your heat exchanger, carbon monoxide might be entering your air supply.
  • Short cycling – If you notice that your furnace turns on and off frequently, it could be short cycling. This is not only highly inefficient, it also causes lots of wear and tear on your furnace. This usually indicates that your furnace is too big for your home.
  • Rumbling – This can sometimes because by the ducts in your rafters expanding to allow the new heated air through. But it can also be caused by a dirty burner or an improperly adjusted pilot light. You should probably have a heating technician come out and inspect your furnace.
  • Squealing – If your furnace is making a high-pitched whine or squeal, this is almost always caused by the fan belt, the fan shaft or the fan’s bearings. To fix this, you’ll likely need to have a heating professional replace the belt and lubricate the bearings.

If you need any kind of furnace repairs in Washington DC, call Polar Bear today. We have highly trained heating technicians that can handle any kind of furnace repair.

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