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Washington D.C. Heating FAQ: When is a Boiler Replacement the Best Option?

Do you think you might need a boiler installation in your Washington D.C. home? Let the heating experts at Polar Bear help by inspecting your current boiler and recommending the right solution for your heating needs. While there are a few questions to ask yourself, it’s best to speak with a professional who can also assess your home and suggest other home improvements that may need to happen first.

Here are a few questions to ask when trying to decide if a boiler replacement is the best option for you.

How Efficient is My Current Boiler?

If you aren’t sure how efficient your current boiler is, call a technician to test it. This should be done during annual maintenance exams, so if you haven’t scheduled yours this year, call Polar Bear. If your current boiler is rated at 80% AFUE or lower, then you could benefit from replacing it with a high-efficiency model, especially if you are paying for frequent repairs.

Is My Home Insulated Properly?

Many older homes in the area are not insulated properly. Instead of upgrading to a high-efficiency boiler first, make sure your home has enough insulation. If you are losing heat due to inadequate insulation, then you won’t be getting the most out of your new boiler. In addition, your boiler may be efficient enough that it would be more cost-effective to add insulation to your home and replace the boiler when it wears out.  

Choosing the Right Heating System

If you have decided to replace your boiler, it may be a good idea to at least consider the cost-effectiveness of installing a different type of heating system.  There are a variety of heating system options, and our friendly staff members can help you choose the right boiler, furnace, or packaged system.

Contact the Washington D.C. heating experts at Polar Bear for a routine check-up, or if you would like to go over the different boilers we can install for you.


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