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Why Can Furnaces Be Noisy?

This is an interesting question, and one that gets to one of the most important aspects of being a furnace owner—vigilance. Homeowners often hear their furnaces or HVAC systems making noises and they come to think that these systems are supposed to make noises like these. That’s how we find so many gas furnaces that have gone years without repairs when they were making loud noises trying to tell their owner that there was a problem.

The important part to take away from this blog post is that furnaces aren’t supposed to be noisy. If you’ve got a noisy furnace, then you likely need furnace service in Chevy Chase, MD. Now, if you’d like to get into more specifics about the types of noises a furnace can make, and why furnaces make noises like these, then you’re in the right place!

Three Types of Furnace Noises

Before we can tell you why your furnace is making noises, we need to talk about the different types of noises. That’s right, each noise your furnace makes likely has a different source and requires specifically targeted repairs by a professional. Before you get comfortable with your booming or rattling furnace, take a look below at each type of noise and why it might be a problem for you.


A booming furnace can be a huge problem for a number of reasons. Booming usually represents gas getting trapped in your combustion chamber and the ignition having trouble lighting it, due to a build-up of grime or soot on the igniter. This leads to a small controlled “explosion” occurring in the furnace. If you hear this booming sound, you should get your furnace checked out immediately.

Booming can quickly get out of hand as it can cause a crack to form in your system’s heat exchanger, and gas or fumes to escape into your breathable air.


Clicking once when the system turns on is perfectly natural. However, if you’re hearing a constant clicking noise coming from your furnace, this usually means that the furnace’s spark igniter isn’t able to light the pilot light or burners of your system. Your furnace won’t be able to provide you with heat while it’s constantly clicking, and it’s a huge cause for concern that can be figured out when you call our team.


Rattling is a little more obvious but it’s still a problem. A rattling noise can be from misaligned components or parts that are loose and broken. While this might seem like a minor inconvenience, it can quickly turn bad because those loose or broken components can jostle adjacent components as well. This leads to compounding problems, multiple problems, and a more expensive repair bill down the line.

Repairs Are Required

Look, we know that many homeowners might have gotten used to their noisy furnaces that can still create enough heat for their home. But there is a world where your furnace can heat your home and not make any noises. Work with our team to ensure your system is working correctly and safely.

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