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Why You Can’t Afford to Avoid Scheduling Heating Maintenance in Washington DC

During the spring, Washington, DC is a city of cherry blossoms—but in the winter everything changes. We have our beautiful days and our stormy days, but the low temperature is a constant. You need to have a good heating system in your home to get you through to the next blossom season. If your boiler or furnace fails during the height of winter, you could be stuck shivering until emergency professional repairs can get done. If you live in Washington, DC, it’s vital that you make heating maintenance a priority.

One reason to schedule maintenance as soon as you can is that autumn is a much less busy time for HVAC companies. When winter sets in, emergencies can create a backlog of service calls, and it may take much longer for a technician to get to your home and put your heater back in working order. Experts like those at Polar Bear can give you fast service during the fall, so take advantage of the season.

Maintenance is essential to keeping your heating system working efficiency and effectively. When a technician goes over your system, they will clean all the components and replace any worn or broken parts. This ensures that your system will efficiently heat your home all winter long, saving you money on your utility bills and keeping your home comfortable.

If you skip maintenance, you might not learn if you need to completely replace your current system. This is especially true if you have an older boiler or heater—possibly one you inherited with your home. Do an inventory of all the repairs that you’ve needed to make over the past few years, and then check if your energy bill has risen. Multiple repairs plus high bills could mean it’s time to get a new heating system installed. Because this is more time consuming than most standard repairs, it’s important to have maintenance checks done as soon as possible. If installing a new heater is in your future, a technician can offer advice on which of the many systems is best for your needs.

At Polar Bear, we take pride in the trust we’ve built with our customers. Our specialists will prepare your heater to weather the harshness of a Washington, DC winter with our excellent heating maintenance agreement. Don’t let the winter overtake you before scheduling maintenance with us!

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