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My HVAC System Has a 10 Year Warranty – Why Do I Need a Maintenance Agreement?

While every new system sold comes with a limited warranty for the unit and parts, it is a good idea to supplement your warranty with a more complete maintenance agreement with your HVAC provider. Why pay for a secondary maintenance plan when you already have a warranty?

For the most part, the limited warranty provided by the manufacturer is meant to cover things like faulty parts, abnormal breakdowns or recalls. However, systems need regular maintenance, such as cleaning and replacing filters, cleaning condensate drains and traps, and if that is neglected, it won’t be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. Neglected equipment wastes energy, and in extreme cases, can become unsafe to operate.

Help Your System Last Longer

Another benefit of a maintenance agreement for your HVAC system is that the system lasts longer when it is regularly maintained.  Neglected equipment breaks down more often and requires replacement sooner than properly maintained equipment.  Check out our maintenance programs page to read the inspections and services performed in regular checkups.  This service will help your HVAC system last significantly longer than if you were forced to wait until you could afford an extra visit from your repair man.

Imagine how much money you’ll save if your furnace or air conditioner lasts for 20+ years instead of just 10. Any breakdowns after the 10 year mark would require hefty repairs or replacement since your warranty is expired. So, it’s in your best interest to keep your system running smoothly throughout its lifespan.

Ultimately, an HVAC system is only as good as what you put into it. If you’re careful about your investments and are willing to spend a little extra now, you’ll stand to benefit far more in the future from a smoothly operating, efficient heating system.

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