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Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. Blog

Why Is There Ice On My Air Conditioner?

Summers get very hot in the DC area, and they can last quite late into the season. Considering just how much we rely upon our air conditioning systems to keep us comfortable throughout the year, it only makes sense for homeowners to act quickly when trouble develops with their systems. Of course, doing so means that you must first recognize that there is a problem to begin with. One somewhat common issue is the development of ice on an air conditioning system. Because ACs are used to cool homes, though, homeowners may mistakenly believe that ice on their air conditioners in Washington, DC is not a big deal. This couldn’t be further from the truth, so remember to contact the technicians at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. if you see ice creeping up on your AC.

Why Ice May Form On Your AC

There are a few reasons as to why ice may form on your home cooling system. The first, and probably most common, is if you have a refrigerant leak in your system. When this happens, there may not be enough refrigerant in your system to absorb enough thermal energy to facilitate the cooling process successfully. The refrigerant will cause moisture along the line or coils to freeze, and the problem is compounded by the fact that this ice then insulates the lines and coils, further reducing the transfer of thermal energy. Airflow issues, such as those caused by very dirty air filters, can also lead to such problems.

Why It’s a Problem

The ice on the system, as mentioned above, acts as an insulator. This makes it harder for your air conditioning system to do its job, which increases strain on the system while also reducing the efficiency with which it operates. Plus, should enough refrigerant leak out of your system, you could suffer damages to components such as the compressor. The moment that you see ice building up on your system, schedule air conditioning repairs immediately.


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