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Is Your Air Conditioning Making Your Home’s Air Too Dry?

Air conditioners work through a system of evaporation and condensation of the refrigerant that cycles through them. In the outdoor unit, the refrigerant condenses and releases heat. When the refrigerant goes to the indoor unit, it evaporates and absorbs heat. But this evaporation process also absorbs moisture from the air, where it gathers on the evaporator coil and then drips down into a condensate pan and out a drain. So, even though an air conditioner is not specifically designed to work as a dehumidifier, it has some dehumidifying properties…

…and sometimes, that dehumidification can make the air in your home too dry. What can you do in such a case?

Humidifier installation

If you have noticed dry conditions in your home during periods when the air conditioner runs on a regular basis, you may need to have professionals install a whole-house humidifier to counteract it. Watch for the following indications that the air has become too dry:

  • Frequent trouble with static electric, such as laundry that bunches up and shocks when touching metal surfaces.
  • Dried sinuses, coughing, and other respiratory troubles.
  • Dry and itchy skin.
  • Cracking wooden surfaces and peeling paint.

You cannot solve widespread low humidity in your home with a small, portable humidifier. These devices are designed mostly to help with a single location, such as a baby’s room. If correctly sized and installed, a whole-house dehumidifier will place the right amount of moisture into the air to balance humidity and eliminate dry air problems throughout your home.

We must emphasize how important it is to have professionals handle the installation. Not only will they see that the unit is correctly integrated into the HVAC system, they will see that it is proper size for your home and the humidity level and will not inadvertently make your air too damp, which will result in hot weather discomfort and whole new set of problems.

Call Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. today if you think a humidifier will help your home. We offer indoor air quality solutions in Washington, CD.

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