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Here’s What You Can Expect During Air Conditioning Maintenance

Have you scheduled spring maintenance for your home’s air conditioning system yet? Right now is one of the best times: the weather still hasn’t reached summer heights and HVAC technicians have more open schedules that make it easier to arrange for a convenient appointment. Call a local professional HVAC company and ask about their maintenance programs.

Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. in Washington, DC offers an excellent Maintenance Agreement that will not only give your AC and heater a full inspection and tune-up each year, but provide many other benefits as well. Call us today to find out more.

Below is a list of some of the standard steps that technicians take when they provide maintenance service for a residential air conditioner.

  • Provide a visual check of the system that covers all of the components. This is where the technicians use their knowledge to spot places where there are wiring issues, excess dust and dirt, refrigerant leaks, or other signs of wear and tear that may require repair work.
  • Clean out the condensate pan and drain in the indoor unit to make sure that it is properly draining moisture from the evaporator coils and that no mold or algae is developing in it.
  • Clean both the indoor and outdoor coils so the AC can carry out heat change effectively.
  • Check on the thermostat to make certain it is calibrated correctly.
  • Tighten electrical connections.
  • Lubricate and clean the motors for the fans and compressor as necessary.
  • Verify that the refrigerant charge in the system is at the proper level, adding charge if it is too low or draining charge if too high.
  • Replace or clean the air filter. (If you do not know how to do this job yourself, the technician will be happy to show you how you can do it each month during the summer.)
  • Provide you with a complete rundown on any repairs the system may need to prevent it from becoming inefficient or breaking down.

Once the maintenance visit is complete, you should have an AC that is in the best condition possible for the hot days to come. You will also know what repair work (if any) you must schedule in preparation for the change in seasons. Call Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. today to have your maintenance done in time for summer.

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