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This is What You’re Breathing in Right Now

When’s the last time you really thought about what’s in your indoor air? Maybe when the pollen count is high and you’re worried about it getting indoors, or if there was a small kitchen fire and you’re seeing smoke. Otherwise, you probably don’t think about it that much.

But the thing is, there’s enough floating around in your air right now, on a normal day, to warrant an air purifier in Alexandria, VA. Let’s tell you what you’re breathing in, and more importantly, what it could be doing to you.

Mold Spores

Mold grows in water or, at the very least, slightly bits of moisture. Mold spores are invisible to the naked eye. While you can eventually see mold growth in large patches in your home, that means it’s been there for a while.

Your HVAC system will do a decent job at removing humidity from the air and fighting against mold growth, but once mold is in the air, it makes it more difficult to get captured in the air filter. Mold spores seriously impact your health, can cause illness, and make it a lot harder for allergy sufferers to find comfort and breathe easy.

Combustion Byproducts

When you use a furnace that burns gas, it creates a byproduct. If you have a wood burning fireplace in the living room, the wood or coal you burn there also releases particulate matter into the air. Essentially, if a fuel source is burned, it’s going to negatively impact your indoor air quality in one way or another.

Gasses that release from these burning fuel sources are the byproducts in question that you need to worry about. Even though you may not think much of it, you’re breathing in soot, inorganic solids, and even metal oxides. None of which, as you may imagine, are particularly good for your health.

Aerosol Remnants

It’s convenient to spray a chemical on a surface in your home, let it sit, and come back to clean it up. We can’t fault you for loving that convenience, but when you use cleaners that spray a fine mist out of a can, it releases particulate matter into the air.

Depending on the specific particles, the size of said particles, and where they’re sourced from, it could have seriously dangerous effects on your health. If you use any aerosol products, from a fabric deodorizer to oven cleaner, a fraction of those particles make it into the air and into your lungs. If you touch them while they’re on a surface, they can be absorbed through the skin, so even when the mist settles, you’re still at risk.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Now

Now that you know what’s entering your lungs while you read this article, it’s time to do something about it. Stop the intake of unnecessary particulate matter, debris, and dander–give us a call or fill out our contact form today, and we’ll get you set up with an appointment for an installation as soon as we can.

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