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UV Germicidal Lights Help Prevent Illness

With winter on its way, many people are probably double checking to ensure that they have some sick days left in case of illness. It’s that time of the year. With that in mind many homeowners are on the lookout for ways in which to keep their living environments as healthy as possible.

One way in which to do so is to use UV germicidal lights in Alexandria. UV germicidal lights help to protect indoor air quality, and that can help to protect your health. These systems are basic in design and operation, but it is vital that you schedule your UV light installation and services with trained professionals. Give us a call to have the job done right.

What Are the Benefits of UV Germicidal Lights?

I have an air filter in my HVAC system, you may be thinking, so I’m all set, right? Not necessarily. Air filtration is an important step in maintaining great indoor air quality, but it has its limitations. These limitations are evident when considering biological pollutants.

Biological pollutants include microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. These may all have a serious impact on one’s health, and they cannot be dealt with successfully by relying on air filtration. First of all, these biological pollutants are simply too tiny for most residential air filters to remove from the air reliably.

Even if they are removed, though, these pollutants can reproduce while trapped in the filter. By disrupting the pollutants on a biological level, though, UV (ultraviolet) germicidal lamps can destroy them and render them incapable of reproduction. That way, they won’t continue to thrive even after being pulled out of circulation.

When the air grows colder during the winter, it also has less humidity in it than during the summer. Drier air means that the mucous membrane in your respiratory passages may dry out as well. This leaves you more vulnerable to the threat of illness due to biological pollutants, as this membrane is your body’s first line of defense. UV germicidal lights, and perhaps a whole-house humidifier, can help you to protect your health within the confines of your own home.

Let Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. handle your indoor air quality service needs.

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