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Why Is My Air Quality Low?

air-quality-dandelionWhen the summer heat is high, you expect your AC to keep you cool. You expect your heater to keep you warm and cozy during the cold winter season. And … well, that’s it, right? As far as comfort goes?

If you believe that, then you are doing yourself and your comfort a serious disservice. While maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home is certainly vital, maintaining high indoor air quality is equally so. We’re here to help you do that.

One question that homeowners sometimes ask us is why their indoor air quality is low to begin with. The truth is that this is a very loaded question. There are a lot of different reasons why indoor air quality may suffer. Some are within our control, while others are environmental issues we really cannot change. In either case, the best thing to do is to use the right systems and services to boost your indoor air quality. That is why you should turn to us for IAQ and HVAC services in Alexandria.

Insufficient Ventilation

Modern homes are built tightly in order to cater to energy efficiency. That’s great for efficiency, but it can actually spell trouble for indoor air quality. How so? Because a certain amount of natural ventilation is helpful in maintaining high indoor air quality throughout a house. So, while a tight thermal envelope can prevent unwanted heat transfer, it can also lead to stale air.

Contact us to ask about improving ventilation throughout your home or, for that matter, the installation of a whole-house air purification and/or filtration system. Even if the pollutants cannot be totally eliminated from the environment (and they can’t) removing them with such a system is the best alternative.

Issues with Humidity

If your home doesn’t seem that comfortable and you find yourself sneezing, coughing, and having other issues resembling allergies, the issue could actually be more to do with humidity levels than with the presence of pollutants in your home. Just because you are indoors does not mean your surroundings boast the right humidity levels.

Again, the best thing to do here is to integrate a whole-house system into your existing HVAC system. Any number of factors, including the number of people in your home and the amount of ventilation, can cause issues with humidity—high and low. These whole-house systems are the best way of efficiently and effectively balancing humidity in living spaces.

General Cleanliness

This is one of those areas where you can help to mitigate the source of the problem. If you have smokers in your home, for instance, make it an outdoor activity to avoid lingering odors and particulate matter. Be sure to brush your pets regularly and, ideally, outdoors. Clean off boots and pet paws before mud is tracked throughout the house, drying up and reverting to dirt in short order.

Of course, even if you are diligent in dusting and vacuuming, even those well-intentioned activities can lead to pollutants going airborne. So certainly keep up with such tasks, but remember that whole-house IAQ systems are still necessary if you want to enjoy air of the highest quality in your home.

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