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Why Use an Electronic Air Cleaner in My Home?

Many homeowners mistakenly think that the air filter in their HVAC system is enough to protect them from the problems that can develop due to excessive airborne pollutants in the home. In actuality, though, this air filter tends to be of a low MERV, which stands for minimum efficiency reporting value, and denotes the efficiency with which the filter cleans the air. This is because the job of this filter is really to protect your HVAC system itself, not the quality of the air throughout your home. You may opt for a more efficient air filtration system, presuming that it is of the right fit for your HVAC equipment. You may also choose to use an electronic air purifier in Washington, DC, though. If you do, schedule service with Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

What Is an Electronic Air Cleaner?

An electronic air cleaner is an air purification device that takes a decidedly more active approach to cleaning the air in one’s home. While media filters, such as those installed in HVAC systems, trap pollutants on a filtering media as the air passes through, an electronic air cleaner uses an ionization process to remove these pollutants from the air. Such is the case with an electronic precipitator, for instance.

In this type of commonly-used air cleaner, particles and pollutants in the air are given an electrical charge within an ionization chamber. These charged pollutants are then typically trapped on oppositely charged collector plates – opposites do attract, after all. These collector plates are then simply removed, cleaned, and put back into place by the homeowner.

Benefits of Using an Electronic Air Cleaner

An electronic air cleaner will typically trap pollutants that would pass right through most air filters. This means that you can clean your indoor air more effectively, without the risk of putting a level of strain on your HVAC system that it really cannot handle. Give us a call today to learn more about your air cleaning options.

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