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Alexandria, VA Air Conditioning Tip: Fan Only Mode

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Your air conditioner allows you to feel comfortable in your home, especially in a humid climate. But you don’t want to see your electricity bills climb too high, so you may want to find options to give your air conditioning in Alexandria, VA an occasional break. This can mean a longer life for your system, and that is also long-term major money-saver.

People are often unsure about what the “fan only mode” on their air conditioner actually does. The air that comes out is no longer cool, but is the system using less energy because of it?

The fan only mode means air is still getting pulled into the front of the unit, and the fan then blows it back out into your home. This circulates the air and keeps it from becoming stagnant with the heavy humidity. And yes, it is more energy-efficient and less expensive to run only the fan, since no power is sent to the compressor pump, which is responsible for moving the refrigerant around the air conditioner.

If you are in fan only mode, you still getting the benefit of filtered air. The air passes through the same filters as it does when the cooling elements are operating, and that means higher air quality for you.

Your fan is still subject to damage whether the cooling elements of your AC are turned on or not. The fan blades can incur dents, and the fan belt and motor can also suffer wear. Even if you’re making the effort to conserve energy with the fan only mode, you will still need preventive maintenance. A technician who comes to provide a check-up for your air conditioner examines all the components in it to make sure they receive the care they need to give the unit a long life.

Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating offers maintenance programs to help you keep your AC in shape to cool you off—or just circulate your air. Polar Bear has a wide range: we offer repairs on air conditioning in Alexandria, VA, as well as the general Northern Virginia area. With over 10 years of experience giving our customers the satisfying service they need, we are the people to call to keep your air conditioning system in good health.

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