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4 Ways You’re Neglecting Your AC

Imagine your air conditioner as the hero of a superhero story. When temperatures rise and things become muggy and uncomfortable, your AC always comes to save the day. It cools you off and makes you feel comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside. These systems really are like heroes to us when we need them!

If your air conditioner is the hero of this story, then the villain is most-definitely neglect. Neglect is the easiest way to hurt your air conditioner and cause it to have a shorter than average life expectancy. Your AC’s cooling power will diminish and it will start running up energy bills as well. Looking to avoid expensive air conditioning repair in Alexandria, VA? Then keep reading.

Here are four ways how you can stop neglecting your superhero air conditioner today.

Way #1: Rejecting Advice

HVAC technicians are great for two things in this instance: providing targeted repairs, and giving sound advice and explanations as to what’s going wrong and what can be done to help. Once we fix your air conditioner, we’ll probably tell you some habits you can start doing that will improve the efficacy and efficiency of your system. When you ignore the advice of a licensed and trained professional, what you’re really telling us is that you don’t care about your air conditioner.

That’s ultimately your prerogative. But don’t come crying to us when you’re spending thousands of dollars trying to fix an issue that could’ve been avoided by listening to what we had to say! Save yourself the headaches, time, and money, by listening to your local HVAC service provider.

Way #2: Ignoring Sounds

Sounds are your air conditioner’s way of telling you that something is wrong. They can’t speak our language, so the next best thing they can do is make uncomfortable noises to get you to notice them (similarly to pets or young babies!). Take note of whatever noises you’re hearing come from your system and relay that information to a professional technician. They can then get to the bottom of whatever is causing them.

Way #3: Ignoring Odors

Did you know that your air conditioner provides limited dehumidification as well? This involves pulling moisture out of the air as the system cools it. When there’s something wrong in this process, like a clog in the condensate drain, your air conditioner can start to smell. If you’re noticing a strange set of aromas that come from your vents or the air conditioner itself, then make sure you call us to have the issue addressed. When you ignore these kinds of odors, it allows the problem to get worse and a lot smellier.

Way #4: Ignoring Your Air Filter

Your air conditioner’s air filter should be replaced every 1-3 months. There really aren’t any exceptions to this rule. When you ignore this fact and don’t replace the air filter in your system, you’re actively helping towards the demise of your system. You’re stifling it and decreasing the airflow that can go through the intake air vent, which is going to cause a whole host of problems. Don’t ignore this component, replace it when you can!

Do you have questions about your air conditioner? Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. can answer them. Call us today!

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