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Is It Too Late for AC Maintenance? Absolutely Not!

AC maintenance is just one of those things that’s really easy to forget about. Like a bill every now and then or your car’s oil change, we forget things all the time. We’re not here to shame you for that. Far from it! We’re here to say that we understand that mentality. It’s hard to remember everything without constantly being worried or stressed out.

Luckily, AC maintenance in Washington, DC doesn’t have to be at a specific point of the year. While sure, it’s better during the springtime, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t get it during the fall if you forgot about it then.

Have you been reeling because you forgot to schedule AC maintenance this year? No problem! Keep reading to find out why it’s so important that you call us and schedule it now more than ever.

Why Schedule in Spring?

Springtime is an easy time to schedule maintenance for your air conditioner. Think about it, our HVAC technicians aren’t as busy constantly repairing systems because the hot weather hasn’t hit yet. That means we can schedule this time-consuming task on your schedule, not ours. Otherwise, when you schedule air conditioner maintenance during the summer, you’re never going to find a technician with that much time on their hands.

Maintenance is best kept to a season with a lot of downtime. You want a technician to be able to take their time and inspect all the elements of your cooling system. In the summer, it’s just harder to find that time!

Autumn Is Fine Too

When is the other time that HVAC specialists might have some time on their hands? You guessed it, autumn! In summer we’re busy repairing air conditioners and in winter we’re constantly being called for emergency heater repair. In the fall, we’ve got a bit more time to do thorough checks on both air conditioners and heaters. So, if you’re also in the mood to knock out two birds with one stone, why not schedule heater maintenance at the same time? This can be an excellent way to feel great going into the winter and summer next season.

The important aspect is that you get air conditioner maintenance no matter what. Just because it’s later in the season doesn’t mean AC maintenance can’t still help. Every year you completely skip AC maintenance, you’re losing about 5% of the system’s efficiency. This amount can compound, which means late maintenance is always better than no maintenance at all.

It’s Worth It

From the peace of mind to the measurable aspects of increased cooling power and heightened efficiency, AC maintenance is absolutely worth it. It can keep your air conditioner running far past a decade and allow you to see repair needs before they are at your doorstep. You can budget easier and be more prepared as time goes on with each and every maintenance visit you pay for. If you’re asking yourself whether or not maintenance is worth the cost, then we’re here to tell you it absolutely is.

Call Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. for proper AC maintenance.

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