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UV Light Purifier: How It Works

Air purification isn’t a simple measurement. There’s a lot of air in your home and it could be thoroughly contaminated with germs. While lighting some candles and scrubbing surfaces might help a little bit, we’ve always been at a loss as to how we could safely and effectively clean our indoor air. That is—until the UV light purifier was developed.

This handy piece of equipment eradicates germs that enter your home. Since they’re mounted in your ductwork, these germicidal lights treat all the incoming air that goes through your HVAC system. As far as an air purifier in Washington, DC goes, these have to be some of the most effective ones.

Want to know exactly how they work? Well, we’d love to tell you! Keep reading as we get into the specifics of such a high-tech indoor air quality solution.

The Science Behind UV Light

Ultraviolet light systems that clean the air of your home are designed to interrupt key cellular activity that many contaminants need to take part in. Ultraviolet light has been a way to decontaminate water for over a hundred years, being first used in Marseille, France. Scientists quickly discovered that ultraviolet light destroyed nucleic acids and disrupted cellular DNA, either eliminating germs entirely or disrupting their ability to reproduce. When a virus or bacterial microbe loses integral cellular functions, you’re left with just a speck of harmless dust in the air that will eventually be cleaned.

There’s a difference between sunlight and UV light, though. Sunlight does have ultraviolet radiation in it, but most of that UV radiation is filtered out through the ozone layer of the earth. That’s why it’s generally recommended that we wear sunscreen when dealing with prolonged activity in the sun!When we talk about ultraviolet germicidal lights, we’re talking about a full blast of this radiating light.

Will It Harm Me?

While we’d normally say yes, ultraviolet light does harm humans, it won’t when it’s installed by us. UV light purifiers can be mounted in your air ducts, meaning there are layers of sheet metal that separate the light from your living space. That’s plenty to block out the radiation and keep it contained. Basically, the only thing that’s going to be exposed to UV light is your indoor air and all the contaminants that are contained within it.

A Reliable Solution

This is not just some strange new product that we’re trying to sell. UV air purifiers has been used for a long time in hospitals and schools. They’re a reliable method of eradicating germs and creating a cleaner living space. Not only are they effective, but they’re also cost-efficient. They run at the steady price of having a single light bulb on, which means you’re not paying heavy costs to run an air purification system every day.

These systems are quickly becoming the gold standard for air purification in the United States. In an age where our indoor air quality is beginning to matter more and more, investing in a system that can reliably keep you safe and comfortable is always a good idea!

Call the professionals at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. to invest in your own UV air purifier.

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