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Can Ductless Air Conditioning Save Me Money?

ductless-AC-blowerCan a ductless AC save you money? It is certainly possible. Ductless air conditioning has a number of benefits to offer homeowners, and some of them are definitely of the financial variety. Just remember that it is important to work with trained professionals when investing in, installing, or servicing any air conditioning system. Only then will you truly be able to reap the full benefits of the system in question.

Following are a few examples of how ductless air conditioning in Georgetown can help you to live comfortably while also cutting back on your cooling costs. If you do decide that a ductless mini split is the right air conditioning option for you, remember to schedule your installation with us. We’ll make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

No Risk of Leaks

A major cause of inefficiency in traditional air conditioning or heat pump systems is leaky ductwork. You cannot see your air ducts for the most part, and tears or breaches in those ducts won’t cause the system to shut down or anything. That means that many homeowners are putting up with leaky ducts without even realizing it, and that is a serious problem.

Leaky ducts allow hot air into the system while conditioned air leaks out. Not only does this waste money by failing to successfully deliver the air that you’ve paid to cool, but it also puts a lot of strain on the AC system, which must work harder than it should have to in cooling your home. A ductless mini split system does not use air ducts, though, so there is no chance of such problems developing!

Simple Zone Control

Ductless mini splits use multiple blowers installed throughout the house in order to maintain desired temperatures. These blowers are controlled independently of one another, and each has its own designated thermostat. That means that you can easily maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home, and this in and of itself is hugely beneficial.

In fact, this type of operation can actually help you to live more comfortably while paying less to cool your house. You need only cool those areas that you wish to, and you can cool those areas that need it more than others, without having to lower temperatures throughout the entire house to the same level.

But Wait, There’s More!

We’ve all got summer on our minds these days, and we’ve been focusing on how a ductless mini split system can help you to cool your home more efficiently and affordably. If we just left it at that, though, we’d be overlooking one of the greatest benefits of the ductless mini split system—its capacity for incredibly efficient heating!

It’s possible to use a designated cooling-only ductless system, but most homeowners will opt for the heat pump option. This means that the same system that cools your home can be used to heat it as well. Because ductless heat pumps use existing heat in the air outside in order to heat homes, rather than generating new heat, they are capable of heating homes with exceptional efficiency.

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