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How Smart Thermostats Save You Money on Air Conditioning


Is your favorite thing in the world paying extra for your heating and cooling costs? The answer to that is, unequivocally, a huge no. Nobody wants to pay more than they’re supposed to just to control the temperature in their home, but without a smart thermostat, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Installing a smart thermostat in Arlington, VA means putting more control in your hands, but then something amazing happens–you let the thermostat regulate the temperature once it knows what you like, and you save money while saving time. Let’s explain.

Smart Thermostats Learn Your Preferred Temperature Patterns

We all have our specific favorite temperature range, and until now, you couldn’t program your preferences into a thermostat. You just changed it based on the temperature or how you’re feeling, but that’s not always the best way to optimize your home’s cooling

Instead, a smart thermostat keeps the temperature at an agreeable temperature that aligns with your preferences. It auto-adjusts based on your usual cooling habits, but optimizes that time and makes your cooling as efficient as possible.

Optimized Schedule Throughout the Year

The way you like your home cooled in April is different from July, which is to be expected. Your wants change with the weather, but it’s hard to know if you’re setting your home’s temperature to the right level during those uncertain times.

A smart thermostat optimizes your schedule at every single point throughout the year. It knows not only how to save money, but how to keep you happy and comfortable while doing it, no matter what time of year it is.

This definitely takes some training, but before too long, your smart thermostat will be cooling in a way that makes sense for you and saves you as much money as possible. You just have to help teach it what you like and the rest is history.

Less Fiddling/Human Error

Do you know what the ideal temperature is at each hour of every single day? If you do, that’s impressive, but to be frank it’s highly unlikely. A smart thermostat can take local conditions and your own personal temperature preferences into account to keep the air at an ideal level of comfort.

When you go towards the thermostat to change it, the thought in your mind is either that it’s too high or too low–so how do you know where to set it? You just base it on what you’re currently feeling, change it, and that’s that.

But a smart thermostat knows that you can be comfortable without being extreme about where you put the temperature. It learns your heating and cooling behaviors and optimizes everything, 24/7.

Start Saving Money on Air Conditioning Now

Spend less time fiddling with your thermostat, and more time doing what you’re supposed to–enjoying your temperature-controlled home. Saving money without compromising on comfort is the dream, so why wait any longer? Get a smart thermostat installed today to stop bleeding money on your monthly energy bill.

Contact Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. today to install a smart thermostat and optimize your air conditioner’s energy while saving money.

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