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It’s Finally Time to Invest in AC

Have you grown jealous of the friends and family that have cool and comfortable homes, while yours is still a little too hot in the summer? Nothing personal, air conditioning just feels better when it’s hot out, and there’s no shame in having different preferences for your home and budget. If you like a warmer home, or you’re just not that into air conditioning technology, then we wouldn’t pressure you into investing in it.

However, if you’ve always wanted an AC installation in Washington, DC but you never took the plunge because they either looked too expensive or seemed like a huge monthly investment, then we’re here to talk about those issues.

In actuality, air conditioners aren’t as expensive, bulky, and energy-intensive as you might think. They consume less energy than a heating system would, and pretty much every home in our area at least has a heating system for the winter.

Choose an Affordable Option for Your Home

Look, twenty years ago investing in an air conditioner was a costly and intense endeavor. You need to have air ducts installed, your system had to be sized appropriately, and all of that included hours upon hours of labor-intensive work that you had to pay for.

While that’s still the case for some systems, that’s not the case for all of them. Central air conditioners are smaller and more modular these days, being easy to install and some of the most affordable units on the market. Also, ductless HVAC systems don’t require ductwork at all (hence the name), so you can cut that whole part of the equation out while you spend your hard-earned money on the system itself.

Think About Energy Efficiency

The installation and maintenance costs of an air conditioner are two small pieces of a larger puzzle. Energy costs are going to weigh heavily on your mind when you turn on your AC, so let’s discuss energy efficiency.

The truth is that air conditioners are extremely efficient these days, to the point of being amazing at cooling down an entire home with low energy costs compared to years ago. And, if you decide to supplement your property with solar panels down the line or other renewable energy sources, you can fuel your air conditioners so cheaply that they barely cost anything at all!

Avoid All the Other Summertime Costs

We pay for a lot of things during the summertime to escape the heat. Seeing an afternoon movie is a great way to cool off, as well as going shopping or even spending time at a cafe. However, those trips can add up and sometimes heatwaves will last weeks. Air conditioners represent a permanent solution to the summer heat, and they can help you actually save money on other methods you might use to avoid the heat.

Think about it, if your home is more comfortable and easier to live in during the summer, then you can spend more time cooking at home, inviting friends over, and even having movie nights yourself! Then, all you have to worry about is the energy bills and the maintenance costs.

For effective AC installation, call Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

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