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Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. Blog

Here’s Why AC Repair Can’t Wait

technicians-with-air-conditionerAs long as your air conditioner is still operating with some semblance of success, you may be tempted to just let it limp along throughout the cooling season. We cannot advise you against doing so strongly enough. Yes, your air conditioner may be starting up and doing a half-decent job of cooling your home. No, that is not enough. You, and your air conditioning system, deserve a lot better than this.

We’re here to ensure that you enjoy the best performance possible from your home cooling system. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that we will have to repair your air conditioner. When—not if—that time arrives, you’ll want to schedule prompt air conditioning repair in Arlington, VA. That way, you won’t be at risk of running into trouble that could have easily been avoided had you acted quicker.

You’re Just Setting Yourself Up for Discomfort

We’ve always been opposed to the phrase “minor problem,” because the fact is that any problem can really only remain “minor” for so long. Yes, air conditioning problems do come in varying degrees of severity. However, even “minor” problems can wind up doing real damage to air conditioning systems if given the opportunity.

The longer that you wait to have any problems with your air conditioning system resolved, the more likely you are to run into “serious” problems. Eventually, you are going to be looking at the potential for a breakdown. Scheduling prompt air conditioning repairs helps you to protect your comfort.

You’re Wasting Money Along the Way

If your air conditioner is not running in peak working condition, then it is not operating at peak efficiency levels. The fact is that, by ignoring signs of trouble with your system, you are probably going to wind up paying more for a lesser air conditioning performance. That’s just about the worst deal that we can think of.

Ultimately, delaying repairs may seem like you’re saving yourself a bit of cost. Just wait until the problem is big enough, and then have everything repaired all at once, right? Wrong. Most likely, you’ll be paying inflated energy bills as a result of your inaction, and you’ll also be facing steeper repairs when you do finally get around to it.

You’re Jeopardizing Your System’s Lifespan

Remember that there are a lot of air conditioning problems that share similar warning signs in their early stages. Both a refrigerant leak and a very dirty air filter, for instance, could cause increased operating costs and icing on the evaporator coil. However, the two problems are definitely going to pose different risks to your system.

Both may cause it to short cycle, and that means that a dirty filter could cause some damage due to this wear and tear. Keep running an air conditioner that is low on refrigerant, however, and you could actually cause compressor failure! When that happens, you are typically looking at a full AC replacement. When you see signs of trouble, pick up the phone and contact a member of our team.

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