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Is My Heater Worth Repairing?

hello-winterTemperatures are really starting to drop, and they are not going to be warming up again for some time to come. With the icy grip of winter wrapped around us once more, we need to know that our home heating systems are going to be there for us when we really need them. Unfortunately, while routine maintenance is going to keep your heater running as effectively and reliably as possible, there is no way to make your heater 100% dependable.

If you start to notice that your heater just is not keeping up this winter, you should definitely call us to schedule professional heater repair in Washington, DC as quickly as possible. This will help to reduce any risk of serious damage to the system, as well as any extended discomfort for you and your family. However, it may also be that your heater is not really worth repairing anymore. When should you start to think about a heating replacement?

How Frequent Are Your Repair Needs?

Heating repair needs are inevitable, even with the best systems that are tuned up annually. If you have a heater that seems to be requiring repairs every year, though, or even multiple times a year, then continuing on with repairs may not be your best option. Just because you can keep a heater running does not mean that it is worth the expense of doing so, after all.

While there is obviously a substantial cost associated with replacing a heater, there is also a substantial cost to frequent repairs and the low efficiency that comes with a failing heater. In the long run, you will probably wind up earning your money back by opting for a new heater. And if your heater is already at or beyond its expected service lifespan, then replacing it makes a lot more sense than continuing to repair it.

How Efficient Is Your Heater?

Did you inherit your heater with your home? If so, is it as efficient as the system that you’d have opted for personally? It may seem strange to replace a heater that is still technically running just fine. However, the high costs associated with heaters that were cheaper to purchase due to low-efficiency levels will really add up over time.

Contact a professional heating contractor—us, preferably!—if you want to discuss your heating replacement options. We’ll help you to balance efficiency with budget, and will advise you as to any potential rebates that you may qualify for when upgrading to a more efficient system.

How Satisfied Are You, Overall?

Did you know that an electric furnace may operate at nearly 100% efficiency, but can still cost more to run than a gas furnace because of the price of electricity vs. that of natural gas? Did you know that you can use a heat pump without having to install air ducts in your home by taking advantage of a ductless mini split system? Did you know that you deserve to be 100% satisfied with your home heating system?

Too many homeowners are content to just run their existing heaters into the ground before upgrading to the type of system that they really want to use. We say that any dissatisfaction with your heater is reason enough to consider a replacement, though. The next time that, say, your boiler needs repairs, why not consider switching over to that high-velocity system or heat pump that you’ve been eyeballing? We’ll make your heating replacement a complete success!

Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. is here for your heating repair—and replacement—needs.

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