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How an Air Purifier Helps You Sleep Better

The air you breathe every single day isn’t just important, it’s absolutely paramount to your overall health, wellbeing, and even your sleep. On average, the air inside of your home is 4-9x worse than the air directly outside your front door, and we’re about to explain why it matters.

Every time we install an air purifier in McLean, VA, we can feel the difference in the air in those homes that don’t already have some form of IAQ system helping them.

Air Purifiers Reduce Allergens in the Air

Let’s say you don’t have allergies. Dust doesn’t bother you, dander doesn’t cause you to sneeze, and you’re basically invincible to sneezing unless you have a cold. The thing is, your body is still inhaling those allergens in the air.

Your lungs have a waste system. It uses mucus to trap debris and unwanted particles in your lungs, then carries them through the body and processes it all into waste. But that waste system in your lungs has a limit, and it’s not wise to push the envelope on it.

Even if you don’t particularly suffer from allergies, you can still notice the positive impact of having an air purifier in your home to keep your air clean.

Cleaner Air Helps You Sleep Better

With less debris, dust, and particulate matter floating around in the air you breathe, you can actually sleep even better than before. While you rest, your rate of breathing and heart rate both go down a bit. It’s part of your body’s natural rest during sleep.

But when you inhale dust and debris in your sleep, it can actually rouse you out of deep sleep and interrupt that integral sleeping pattern, which we’ll talk more about later. This lowers your quality of sleep even if it doesn’t wake you up.

How Cleaner Air Means More Energy Every Day

Sleep is complex, and it’s hard to say for sure whether or not your air quality is what’s impacting it right now. But we know this: you’re here because you don’t have an air purifier, and we know it helps with sleep, so it can’t hurt to add this to the mix and reduce the number of problems you might face in your sleep.

During the final stage of sleep, experts believe that you create a molecule directly related to energy. So it’s arguably most important to get quality sleep towards the end of your cycle, which poor air quality can interrupt. Better sleep means better energy levels across the board, and clean air is just one part of the equation.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Air Quality

Your indoor air quality is tied to your overall health, and the health of your family. It’s not just a good idea to install an air purifier: we’d argue that it’s a necessity, just as much as an air conditioner is. It’s time to make the upgrade, and we’re here to help you do it.

Contact us today to schedule your air purifier installation as soon as possible.

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