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4 Most Common Commercial HVAC Problems

An efficient HVAC system works as intended and keeps your customers (and staff) so comfortable that they’re not even thinking about the air temperature. But when your commercial HVAC system is on the fritz, it can put your guests into a bit of disarray.

So what are these problems that result in commercial HVAC repair in Alexandria, VA? Let’s break them down and talk about everything you need to know, what you can expect, and let’s find a solution to your commercial HVAC problem.

Poor Maintenance/Lack of Maintenance

If you aren’t currently receiving regular maintenance for your commercial system, problems will pop up before you know it. You’ll think, “Didn’t we just pay to have that fixed not that long ago?” about a lot of issues.

Maintenance is the act of making small adjustments, tune-ups, and touch-ups that prevent your HVAC system from hitting the point of a full-scale breakdown. Two maintenance visits per year can be enough to help you save thousands in unexpected repair costs and loss of business.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is a toxic chemical that, while important for your air conditioning system, isn’t supposed to leak into areas where your staff or guests might be. Even if the leak is contained and isn’t impacting business directly, your HVAC system is about to freeze up and encounter more damage than it ever should.

It’s odd, but when your AC doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it actually freezes. When components freeze up, they don’t work properly. Your AC doesn’t know it’s frozen–it’s not supposed to be. It attempts to operate as if everything were normal,, but it simply doesn’t work, and ice jams cause parts to overwork and break.

Electrical Failure

If everything looks fine on the surface, your issue could be deeper–it could be an electrical failure. This can happen from old or faulty wiring, from unit age, surges from a recent storm–the list goes on and on. The main thing to keep in mind is that an electrical failure isn’t something that you can just power through while you wait for repairs. These issues completely halt your commercial HVAC system in its tracks.

Thermostat and Temperature Control Malfunctions

The AC works fine, the heater is great, so why isn’t it working as intended? It could be a simple problem such as your commercial thermostat being miscalibrated, so it’s not detecting the right temperature in your business. When that happens, the thermostat doesn’t know when to accurately request that the AC or heater turn on or off. Thankfully, calibrations and thermostats in general are a quicker fix than most other commercial HVAC problems you’ll encounter.

And They Can All Be Fixed

When you have the right commercial HVAC team on your side. We’re here and ready to handle everything you could possibly need for your business HVAC. Your business deserves to have competent, at-the-ready technicians–that’s where we come in. Call us today to learn more about how we take care of businesses in Alexandria, VA.

Contact us today to schedule your commercial air conditioning service as soon as possible.

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