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Pros and Cons of Central Air in Washington, DC

Central AC remains to be one of the most-used forms of air conditioning in the US, even with the rise of heat pumps and ductless cooling systems. There are benefits and drawbacks to going with central, so if you’re still trying to figure out what will work best for you, let’s talk about central air installation in Washington, DC and where it stands to benefit you.

Pros of Central Air

Central AC has plenty of high points, and these may make the most sense for your specific living space. Here’s what you can expect to benefit from.

  • Efficient Cooling: While it’s not the most efficient cooling that exists, it’s still highly efficient on its own. Summer can be intense here, and having balanced, even cooling across your entire house isn’t just important; it’s crucial to maintain your comfort.
  • Lack of Noise: You may hear your AC cabinet spin up when the thermostat asks it to, but the condenser cabinets are outside of the home, so the noise they make is negligible. Compare this to the noise you might hear from a ductless unit. You can enjoy your peace.
  • Improved Air Quality: You shouldn’t count on your air conditioner to take care of your indoor air quality, but it does assist it. The filter on your AC’s air intake helps pull debris, dust, and dander out of the air, so you don’t breathe it in instead.
  • Cheaper Replacements: While comparative systems like heat pumps and ductless air conditioners are nice, they’re also expensive upfront. In the event that you have to replace your air conditioner, a central unit is much more cost-effective.

Cons of Central Air

While the upsides are great, central air conditioning is far from perfect. Let’s explore some of the drawbacks to choosing central.

  • Not the Fastest Solution: While central helps cool your home entirely, it can take its sweet time to get there. The average cooling cycle is around 15-20 minutes on a healthy system, but not 100% of all central air conditioners are going to remain in this range. Cycles can last a while, resulting in longer wait times for your ideal temperature.
  • Energy Usage: One benefit that alternative cooling systems have over central AC systems is efficiency. Because central air conditioners aren’t the top dog of efficiency anymore, we’ve seen just how low your energy bills can truly be with other cooling options.
  • A Lot to Manage: Between the AC cabinet and all the complexities it brings, you also have to worry about ductwork. If you don’t take care of your ductwork, it will eventually negatively impact your cooling performance and it could even waste money.

An Economic and Proven AC System

What does your home really require? Anyone can tout the benefits of other systems such as heat pumps or ductless units, but they don’t always make sense. For specific living situations, central AC may be the best option, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide now that you’ve read this list of pros and cons.

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