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How to Tell if You Need a Humidifier in Your Home

During the winter season, a lot of homeowners will invariably focus on keeping their homes warm and cozy. This is an understandable priority, but only emphasizing temperatures in your home is not enough to guarantee your comfort. You also need to know that your indoor air quality is protected.

Indoor air quality is not all about pollutants and particulates floating around in the air. Yes, these are common problems, but the humidity levels of the air can be equally problematic. In the winter, when temperatures drop, humidity levels can drop as well. That is why you may need to use a whole-house humidifier in Capitol Hill.

Why Is Dry Air a Problem?

Is dry air really that big of a deal? you may be wondering. The answer is yes. If your humidity levels are a bit shy of ideal, you may not really notice much in the way of symptoms. However, the extremely dry air that a whole-house humidifier can resolve is another story entirely.

Dry air can have adverse effects on your health. It can dry out your nasal passages and your throat, leaving you more susceptible to illnesses. This is just one reason why sickness is more prevalent in the winter season.

Exceptionally dry air can also lead to considerable discomfort. If the air in your home is too dry, then your skin may split and crack. Dry, itchy skin is even more common. Annoying and painful electric shocks may increase.

Dry air can even put your property at risk. Those shocks that annoy you can damage sensitive electronics in your home. Your wooden floorboards may crack, paint can chip, and wallpaper can split. The use of a whole-house humidifier in your home is the best and most convenient way in which to avoid and resolve such problems.

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