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Are You Struggling with Dry Air in Your Home?

Just when you think you’re out, winter pulls you back in. March is a tricky time of the year, with some of the most unpredictable weather of any season hurtling our way. We’re definitely approaching Spring, though, so now is a good time to think about what issues you may have experienced in your home during this past winter, so you’re not in for repeat issues when the winter cold descends upon us again. One problem that many homeowners struggle with in the winter is extremely dry air in their homes. 

Why Is the Air So Dry?

The reason the air in our homes is so dry in the winter is simple. It’s because the air outside is drier in the winter season than in the summer. Cold air can hold less moisture than warm air can before it condenses, so the cold air of winter is less humid than the warm air of the summer. Of course, low humidity within our homes is not just a problem during winter.

While there may be more moisture in the air during the summer season, running an air conditioner does have a dehumidifying effect on the air within a home. It is not as strong an effect as, say, running an actual dehumidifier, but some moisture is lost during the cooling process. That means that you can potentially dry out your home as you fight to keep it cool in the summer.

What Can I Do About It?

Dry air is a more serious issue than it may first sound like. When your body is surrounded by dry air, your skin can dry out, growing itchy and even splitting. Your nasal passages and mucous membranes can also dry out, leaving you more vulnerable to illnesses. Wooden floorboards and furniture may also dry out and crack, while increased static shocks can put sensitive electronics at risk.

Using a whole-house humidifier is the best way to resolve and avoid such problems. When you use a portable humidifier, you’ll either need multiple units or you’ll be moving the unit around the house all of the time, periodically refilling its tank. With a whole-house humidifier, the entire house is affected and the water is distributed automatically.

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