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How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Work?

The short answer? Very well! But we want to give you more information than that, of course. Ductless air conditioning in Washington, DC is getting more and more popular, for many different reasons. One of the primary benefits that ductless systems have to offer in this area is that their unique design makes them great for older, historic homes. Read on, and be sure to let us know if you think that ductless air conditioning is the right option for your residence!

How Ductless Air Conditioning Works

A ductless air conditioning system, as you’ve no doubt guessed, is one that does not use air ducts in its operation. If you think that this means you are dealing with a simple window unit, though, think again! Ductless mini splits still offer whole-house cooling, just without the need for installing bulky air ducts.

Rather than distribute conditioned air throughout the house with the use of air ducts, a ductless mini split system uses individual, wall mounted blowers to do so. These blowers are controlled independently of one another, which means that you can actually maintain different temperatures in different areas of the house.

The blowers are connected to the outdoor compressor unit via simple conduits that contain power and refrigerant lines. They act as air handlers, drawing warm air in from the living space and cooling it as it passes through the system. Ductless mini splits, it should be noted, also work as heat pumps.

This means that in addition to effectively and conveniently cooling your whole house, you can use the ductless mini split to efficiently heat your home as well. If you are looking to retrofit your home with a great central HVAC system, then a ductless mini split is definitely worth looking into.

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