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Commercial HVAC Tip: Use a Rooftop Unit

Commercial-rooftop-systemsCommercial air conditioning systems and heaters are, of course, much larger than conventional residential AC units. Otherwise, there are not many differences between commercial systems and residential systems; they all run on refrigerant and use coils and blower fans to remove heat and cool a space.

However, there is typically a difference in the way air conditioners are installed on commercial buildings and the way they are installed in homes. A rooftop packaged HVAC unit is the best choice for many commercial properties (though not all). This type of AC and heating system sits on the rooftop of the building, and it tends to be the best choice for many of the commercial air conditioners and heaters in our area.

All of the Components in One Unit

A rooftop unit is also called a “packaged” air conditioner because all of the components are packaged into one unit rather than two. The conventional setup you may have at your home is likely an outdoor unit, with an indoor blower unit.

When all of the components are in one unit, the installation is easier overall. Air blows directly from the outdoor unit into the ducts. This type of installation is a bit easier on your business, as installation won’t involve as much time as a traditional central air conditioner installation.  There are additional benefits to owning a packaged rooftop unit for a business, as we describe below.

Ease of Maintenance

It can be an inconvenience to schedule routine maintenance or AC repair when you’re trying to run a business, or let your tenants continue on as usual. The nice thing about commercial rooftop units is that they stay out of the way.

As maintenance or repairs are taking place, you don’t have to worry about technicians getting in the way of daily operations, moving back and forth between the indoor and outdoor units. Often, a technician can simply show up, make the repair, and notify someone in the building of completion.

Modular Installation

The needs of a commercial building can change and grow. This is a good thing, but it could affect the way your air conditioner works. Commercial rooftop units are modular, which means they can change and grow with the needs of the building.

Your air conditioner was sized with precision for the space in your building. But a modular system allows for growth. You can add on or take away from the sizing as needed in order to keep the system running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible.


Finally, rooftop commercial HVAC systems offer precision heating and cooling at an efficient price. When installed by a professional, your commercial HVAC system should be properly sized and able to operate as efficiently as possible. You can discuss your efficiency requirements with your technician and find a SEER rating that works for your building and for your budget, pairing it with the latest smart thermostats and a zone control system for greater control.

For commercial HVAC service in Washington, D.C., get in touch with a local company that cares—Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

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