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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Can Reduce Repairs

Monday, October 17th, 2022

When your HVAC system goes down in a commercial environment, it can cost you something more valuable than the price to repair your unit. It can cost you business.

Commercial HVAC equipment and fans on top of roof.

Customers want a comfortable atmosphere regardless of the time of year. Without that, they may judge your business preemptively and have a negative experience. Thankfully, you can avoid that altogether.

Commercial HVAC maintenance can prevent most major problems with your unit. This is what you need to know.

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Can’t I Wait to Schedule My Commercial Heating for Maintenance?

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Your commercial heating system works hard around the clock to keep your business’s indoor temperature comfortable.  Being without heat, or having poor heating in your business space simply isn’t an option, but there is a great way to ensure that your commercial heating stays on track: schedule a maintenance appointment for your commercial heating in Alexandria.

What’s So Important About Maintenance?

Did you know that for every year you don’t schedule maintenance for your heating system, it loses 5% of its overall efficiency? This means that if you don’t schedule maintenance for three years, your system can lose up to 15% of its normal efficiency. Not only will you lose efficiency, but operating a commercial heating system season after season with accumulating wear and tear means you run the risk of having an uncomfortable commercial space. Why? Excessive wear and tear affects how your heating system operates, and it may become difficult for your system to achieve your set temperature. This leads us to our next reason why maintenance is so important: prevention of repairs. Carrying the wear and tear of each season into the next makes your system more prone to malfunction and potential breakdown. The cleaning, adjusting and lubrication that occurs during a maintenance appointment removes the excess dust and dirt, and allows your components and system to work as they should. And when you keep your commercial HVAC system in good working order year after year, you can actually help extend the life of your system.

When Should I Schedule Maintenance?

Because commercial HVAC systems do a tremendous amount of work, it is recommended that you schedule maintenance for your commercial heating system twice a year – once in the fall and again in mid- or end of winter. To gain the benefits of maintenance, it is always important to hire commercial HVAC experts to do any work to your commercial system, whether you need maintenance, repair, installation or replacement.

The commercial professionals at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc., are here to assist with all of your commercial heating needs, so call us today!

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Why Commercial Heating Maintenance is Important

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Whatever you use your commercial property in Washington DC for, you need to know that that property will be comfortable for all of your employees, tenants and customers, both existing and potential. Professional maintenance of your commercial heating system can help ensure that this is the case. If you have not had your commercial heating system professionally expected or scheduled routine maintenance in the past year, trust us: now is the time. Call Polar Bear today to get the professional commercial heating maintenance you need to succeed. We are always available to help.

While regular, professional maintenance is an important step that must be taken with any heating system, it is especially important with your commercial equipment. Commercial comfort systems are in operation pretty much around the clock. Scheduling regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that every component of that heating system is in good working condition. Do not pay more money for less heating performance due to a lack of maintenance service reducing efficiency.

Regular, professional heating maintenance service is also the best way to prevent damage to and the need for necessary repairs for your commercial heating system. By the time you recognize a problem with your commercial heating system, it has probably been developing for some time. In this interim damage may have been done to your commercial heating system that could have otherwise been avoided. During regular maintenance service your commercial heating technician will be able to discover and resolve any small or developing problems with your system before damage can be incurred. This is a great way to prevent disruption to your commercial heating service.

Keep your commercial property comfortable and productive. Contact Polar Bear today to schedule high-quality commercial heating maintenance service in Washington DC. We’ll make sure that your system is operating efficiently and dependably.

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